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I thought you might be interested in this petition. Please sign and pass it on...

Fix the sidewalk

The city of Marion has neglected to repair the lawn and sidewalk of Martha A. Levi at 204 e. Marion. The damaged leveled by the city over three (3) years ago was promised to be repaired by the Mayors office. The Mayor has neglected this situation severely. The damage to the sidewalks and to the walks on Ms Levi's property is a hazard waiting to happen. We pray that this situation is resolved before Ms Levi an elderly lady of 82 has an accident walking on this damaged property.

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fix the lawn

The Story.......It all started about three and a half years ago when Martha Levi an 82 year old Marion resident had been approved to receive some assistance to have some much needed work performed on her home. This news came as much joy for Ms Levi as she was on a very low fixed income. But her joy of having some work performed on her home soon turned to sorrow. The workers that were doing the work left some debris in Ms Levi's yard for the City of Marion to pick up. Well pick up they did. The City of Marion brought in a backhoe to scoop up a small pile of left over debris, and in the scooping process they destroyed Ms Levi's lawn, killed her 3 year old mimosa tree and severely broke up and cracked not only her sidewalk on the property but the cities walkway as well. This has been ignored by the city's Mayor Robert Butler for way to long now. Please hlep this poor resident of Marion, as she has nothing to give to the Mayors office they have Nothing to give to her.

Contact the persons below to show your support:

Tim Petrowich -- Managing Editor

Bill Grimes -- Opinions Page Editor

Diane Wilkins -- Community Editor