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Donald L. Levi
295 Diamond Head Dr.
Des Plaines, IL. 60018

Experience Summary

Over fourteen years of Quality experience including four years in Software Quality. As a Software Quality Assurance Project Leader I have experience in leading all sizes of testing efforts.  Responsibilities have included staffing projects, managing project staff, and maintaining client relationships by providing status and working to meet client goals.  Other responsibilities are working with development teams from the start of projects to ensure quality is carried throughout the entire project life cycle and working with testing teams to ensure that processes are put into place and followed.  I am proficient with testing tools and have lead several automated testing efforts supervising staff and performing code and requirement reviews to ensure proper and efficient automated tests are being developed so that the customer will see the highest return on investment. Special emphasis on planning and implementing automated testing efforts. Advanced knowledge of Mercury Interactive TestSuite: WinRunner / TestDirector.                  

Professional Experience

Insurance Company E-Commerce Project

Team Leader for a large insurance company that was creating to a multi-channel service offering for their products in which customers would be able to get a quote and purchase auto or home insurance on the web, through a call center, or through an agent or any combination of the three.  Served as Team Lead for the Regression Testing team.  Team responsibilities included providing overnight night testing support for a 24-hour testing initiative of the web site, which rolled into regular schedule support to fully regression test all new releases prior to deployment.  Team Leader responsibilities included providing nightly status reports which included testing metrics detailing the number of tests executed, passed, failed, and the number of defects reported, reopen, or closed.  As the project neared completion, the regression team was responsible for working with the test automation team to ensure that all regression tests were automated using Mercury Interactive’s WinRunner according to the priority for automation given to each test.  Along with prioritizing the test for automation, the regression team was responsible for gathering all requirements for the automated tests and ensuring those requirements were being met.  All automated tests were then run by the regression team on a daily basis to ensure production code was stable day to day and that back end process changes would not affect the web processing.

Insurance Company

Project Leader – directed the regression testing automation effort for a web-based application; delineated team responsibilities, set benchmarks and created best practice coding documentation; instructed client users and technical staff on the installation, setup and operation of WinRunner and TestDirector; technical resource for TSL (test script language) issue resolution, including scripting, function generation, and data driven testing; worked with client project leads to develop and execute regression automation plan.

Telecommunications Company Billing System

Automated WinRunner functional tests for a Telecommunications Company’s Billing System. Created automated test scripts for functional modules including Billing, Point of Sale, Dealer Compensation and Cash Management. Used the test repository to report application defects to the programmers and then re-tested all defect fixes. Worked closely with developers to communicate QA issues and testing status.  Customized the TestDirector Database, defect tracking and reporting, and executed regression tests for each development release. 

Consulting / Advising

Worked with numerous clients on the development of their TestDirector and WinRunner activities.  Applications included: Java applets and HTML web page development for a telephone switching system; VisualBasic and PowerBuilder applications for a pay-phone system; and a Mainframe application using Terminal Emulation for a customer service tracking system. Advising came in the form of Test Plan development, execution of automated and manual test sets and then the tracking and reporting of discovered defects.  Additionally, there was extensive work with test team members to initiate script writing with special emphasis on proper script development and best practices to ensure the reliability and maintainability of the test scripts.

Hospital Emergency Room Patient Tracking System

Responsible for functional and regression testing for a patient tracking system written in SQLWindows with SQLBase as the back end database. Manual function testing finding SQL errors. Followed the SQA (Software Quality Assurance) testing methodology provided and worked closely with the developers to insure prompt fixes on all defects.

Quality Experience

Over 14 years of Quality experience including:
Supervision and scheduling of quality inspectors. Auditing to ensure compliance met standard operating procedures and product inspection plans. Training to ensure that more than 100 employees sufficiently comprehend Spc (Statistical Process Control) techniques and comply with Pip’s (Product Inspection Plans), Sop's (Standard Operating Procedures) and quality standards. Wrote product inspection plans for inspectors to delineate their responsibilities and to ensure compliance with customer specifications. Wrote standard operating procedures that explain the job responsibilities of employees and that provide a deeper understanding of product build criteria. Established a reliable product tagging system and procedure that ensured tractability and displayed the acceptability of product at each stage of manufacture and satisfying ISO 9000 standards. Eliminated 75% of final inspection costs by implementing in-process control, which also was more suitable in satisfying the needs and expectations of the customer.

Technical Experience



Testing Tools

WinRunner 6 & 7, TestDirector 6 & 7

Operating Systems

Windows 3x/95/98/NT/2000/XP, DOS


MS Project, Visual Source Safe, Visio, PowerPoint, Excel, Lotus, Word, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Outlook, Access, Lotus Notes, Front Page

Statistical Software

Wonderware, FanII and Datamytes, Quantum, SQC pack, SQC Plus


Mercury Interactive

Certified Product Specialist  5.0, 6.0, 7.0


Certified Statistical Process Control Instructor
Certified Statistical Process Control Auditor

Certificates Of Accomplishment

Statistical Thinking  and Quality Control
Statistical Process Control and Manufacturing
Quality Theories and Implementation
Instructors Statistical Process Control Decision Support
Advanced Statistical Process Control Technology
Mercury Interactive TestSuite Class
Mercury Interactive LoadRunner Class
Advanced Mercury Classes
Train The Quality Trainer


A.S.     Accounting,                                                John A. Logan:                   

Carterville,   IL


B.S.     Industrial Engineering,                                 Southern Illinois University:

Carbondale, IL


  Fees:    $45. - $70. Hr. (USD)